Our Mission

To mobilize midwives towards social action and to promote social justice through the advancement of midwifery.


Our Vision

Midwives for Peace & Justice is a grassroots organization that calls on midwives and their allies to organize in their communities in order to increase awareness about midwifery as a human rights issue.  In the tradition of midwives from the beginning of time, we want to reclaim the social justice foundation of midwifery. We know that a midwifery led model of maternity care in the United States will improve maternal and child health outcomes while eliminating health disparities based on racial and other social determinants of health. We need to get midwives to mobilize for action to get this word out. With your support, we can achieve a society where midwifery-led care is the norm and every woman has the right to safe, evidenced-based, and respectful health care.




Our Goals

1. Create more public awareness of the midwifery model of care by encouraging  midwives to get engaged towards social action in their communities.

  • In the Boston area we will organize participation in several marches and parades each year such as the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute's Mother's Day Walk for Peace and the HONK Festival of Activist Street Bands, and will keep an active list of other community events that promote peace and justice.
  • We encourage supporters from other regions in our country to use our resources as well as develop their own networks to organize events.

2. Help to diversify the midwifery workforce by supporting programs in midwifery education and help to increase the access to midwives in low resource areas in this country.

  • Collaborate with midwifery organizations to fund raise for midwifery education and provide mentorship opportunities for future midwives.
  • Educate midwives on issues related to racial injustice and take action to help dismantle racism that leads to health disparities among other inequities.

3. Support the growth of Midwives for Peace & Justice chapters nationwide 


Creating a more peaceful world
one birth at a time.

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