Our Mission

The mission of Midwives for Peace & Justice is to organize midwives towards engagement in community action in order to promote social justice and the advancement of midwifery.


Our Vision

Midwives for Peace & Justice is a grassroots organization that was born from midwifery’s tradition of being at the forefront of social justice. Beginning with Puah and Shiphrah who courageously disobeyed the Pharaoh in ancient Egypt to the Granny midwives and healers who risked their lives to protect those in their care from the devastation that came with slavery, midwives have always been part of the resistance. We want to reclaim this tradition as we believe it is integral to our roots as midwives. Many midwives have been called to the profession by their commitment to social justice. Especially since January 2017, opportunities for action are ubiquitous. Midwives are showing up at rallies and protests, voicing their concerns not only for themselves but also advocating for the communities they serve. It is our vision to organize midwives as a collective force to rally together in every region of our country. This will serve to magnify our midwifery voice and also create more awareness about the midwifery model of care, a profession that has been restrained and derided in the United States since the turn of the 20th century.

Midwives Join Us!

Take Action. Stay Visible.

Remain Viable. 




Our Goals

  1. To create a network/clearinghouse of social action events or activities that are accessible and relevant for midwives.
  2. Support the growth of Midwives for Peace & Justice chapters nationwide.

We are calling on midwives to let us know what is happening in your communities so we can inform others on opportunities for social justice calls to action.


Take Action. Stay Visible. Remain Viable.

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